A house with soul. Create comfort in the living room and not only

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только

What distinguishes cozy family nest from stylish, but a cold of lodgings or rooms in a nice hotel? Which leads to the interior, which is really want to be? The meaning of the work on the interior design to create the best background for a full life, in search of the answer to the question: what feelings should call the house and not in the choice of sofa upholstery. For example, hallway and living room will try to deal with how to create interior design for the soul and life, and not for show.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
Caitlin Mccarthy Interior Design

According to Deborah Needleman, the editor of the first known interior magazine Domino and the author of the inspirational book “home sweet Home”, the beauty of the house is needed for the acute senses and going beyond the ordinary, and the convenience to surround yourself and loved ones care every day. What techniques will help to tackle these ambitious goals in practice? Consider the example of the living room, because often this is the place where the family gathers and guests, the heart of your home.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Of Smith & Vansant Architects

Light — head

Proper lighting — the key interior, tastefully done. Under “correct” in this case means usually a soft light coming from multiple light sources, and not a single ceiling fixture. She in any case should not be the main source of light in the room! In addition, the lamp, itself, a perfect interior decoration and usefully replace any vases, figurines, etc. to Place a table lamp, of course, not only on desktop but also on the bookshelves, dressing and coffee tables, mantelpiece, dressing table and even the shelves and countertops in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Of Smith & Vansant Architects

Tip: to hide the plug sockets and wires, paint them the wall color. Transparent or textile wires of the lamps is preferable to conventional plastic.

For table lamps, and many kinds of lamps and sconces you will need to choose shade, however, it’s not as scary as it seems at first glance.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The interior of Hart Design and Construction

Note: the bottom edge of the lampshade on a side or coffee table should be at eye level when you sit. To see the internal mechanisms of the lamp you absolutely nowhere. The optimum height from the floor to the top of the lamp — 147 cm, that is, the higher the table, the lower the lamp.

How to choose a lampshade. Basic rules:

  • the paper shades the cheapest. Choose translucent paper, if you need bright light. White parchment paper makes light of cold, dyed — warm;
  • textile lampshades can be custom made from any fabric and decorate the interior, even when the lamp is turned off. Silk is better suited to traditional country, cotton and linen to more Bohemian interiors. Instead of white it is better to choose pink or tobacco connotations.
  • opaque shades create a dramatic effect, because admitting light only from above and from below;
  • the most harmonious shades, expanding to the bottom at a slight angle;
  • direct shades give the same amount of light at the top and bottom and are suitable for modern interiors;
  • lampshades with a narrow top look very feminine and reminiscent of Victorian style.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Of Christine Markatos Design

How to arrange the furniture in the living room?

Proper lighting is important in any room of the house, however some lamps in life will not do. As you know, a third of life we spend in bed, and two thirds in the sitting position. This means that the sofas, chairs and armchairs, perhaps the protagonists of our interiors, especially when it comes to the living room.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
Kenneth Brown Interior Design

Tip: so that the living room looked more lived-in and cozy, use it to the maximum! Come here in the morning with a Cup of tea, put a Desk or table for games — anything that will make you spend in this room more time.

Choosing the combination of chairs for living rooms, remember about the comfort, because it is “ideal for socializing”, and how differently they are perceived in the interior. For example, the ensemble of two deep armchairs and one more severe, straight-backed, will create a sense of comfort, and the combination of two chairs with a straight back and a soft one will give the room a more formal look.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Design Lucy Interior Design

Sofa piece of furniture, which is definitely not worth saving! Inside cheapest models, typically foam rubber, which not only deteriorating rapidly, but definitely not conducive to your comfort. It is better not to cover the sofa with bright rug or exotic veil that accentuates your unique inner world. Color accents are better left to smaller and moveable furnishings, and a large fixed furniture, according to Billy Baldwin, “must remain hidden and unchanged,” in order not to bore you in six months.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Hatch Interiors

Rules of furniture arrangement in the living room:

  • don’t arrange furniture along the walls. Slide the seat to the center of the room — this will create the conditions for dialogue and visually expand the room;
  • along the walls there is a place for other nice things: comfortable chairs for reading, bookshelves, colors, etc.;
  • do not use ready-made kits! The chair and the sofa needs to be equally decorated — it really takes the anguish;
  • many things, such as lamps or chairs, look good in symmetrically arranged pairs, but do not overdo it: at least one element of the situation must stand out from the General symmetry;
  • lightweight chairs and stools will help avoid a visual cluttering of the space;
  • don’t be afraid to make changes.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
Heather Garrett Interior Design

In addition to the places where you will be able to sit down in the living room, you probably need the space for books, drinks and feet. Don’t forget about the coffee and side tables, Ottomans and footstool. All of these items can play a dual role, moreover, in contrast to the sofa, you can choose the budget and original solutions. For example, as a side table next to the sofa you can use a chest of drawers, a small table on a high leg and even a stack of books, as long as the height of the structure remained 60-75 cm

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Of Thom Filicia Inc.

Reminder: beware of the abundance of brown furniture is a sure way to turn the living room into the lobby of a cheap hotel! Decorators recommend the use of no more than three brown objects in the room.

Accents, eccentricities and outhistory

Impeccably furnished, the room seems static and narcissistic. Style is the ease and freedom, and the element of surprise gives him a sense of comfort. You cease to be afraid to move the vase of 5 cm to the right and cute pussy gives the interior a lively charm and sincere warmth.

Bold accents in the interior proves that you don’t take it too seriously, dictate the house rules and not obey him. The beads hanging from the lampshade lamps, photos in frames, leaning against the mirror or wall, a poster with a favorite phrase, a child’s drawing or a souvenir from your trip — such things do not make all the planes in the room, however, they have to be.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
Decor Caitlin Mccarthy Design

Tip: unusual chair can be a great highlight of the interior. You can enter in the modern interior of a classic Victorian chair, or use a bar stool as a stand for books, why not?

Another favorite trick of designers is a shift of scale, for example, a tall floor lamp in the shape of a classic table lamp, pouf in the form of an animal or a huge picture. In addition, nothing prevents you to pick up a jar of paint and repaint an old piece of furniture in white or, conversely, bright shade, suitable for the interior. It will make annoying thing look fresh and will help to fit it into my new surroundings without extra costs.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Of Smith & Vansant Architects

Want to add comfort into the living room? Feel free to handle the textiles, because it warms any interior is not worse, like a warm blanket warms your body. Bedspread, cushions, carpet, curtains provide comfort and allow you to enter into the interior elements of colour and ornament.

Дом с душой. Создаем уют в гостиной и не только
The Interior Hatch Interiors

Memo: how to make a sofa more comfortable for 5 minutes? The scheme is simple: a blanket, thrown in the middle of the back, 2 identical pillows in the corners and 1 rectangular pillow in the center.

Book by Deborah Needleman is a great manual for creating home comfort

Don’t underestimate the role of interior in daily mood and at the same time become a hostage once made a design project and plan. Live together with their house and change it until then, until you feel entirely “at ease”!

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