Советы по выбору радиатора отопления

An essential element of comfort in the house is warm, especially in the cold season. It was delivered smoothly and provided a comfortable temperature in the home, is important not only the quality of services provider of heating, but also serviceability and heat heaters.

What is the difference between radiators

The main difference is that the design features (sectional, panel, tubular models) and material. From the last to the greatest extent depend on the characteristics of the device.

  • Aluminum provides light weight and small size products, excellent heat dissipation (half of her radiation and 50% convection), and thus high efficiency. They are relatively inexpensive but have some disadvantages: vulnerable to leaks threaded connections between sections, and accumulated air to be removed from the top of the manifold.

  • Cast iron radiator vulnerable to corrosion and poor quality of the coolant, but the pros on this end. They have considerable inertia, therefore are not regulated; they take up much space and weigh decent. And to fit in with modern interior is a complex task.

  • Steel radiators are almost all good and inexpensive, but because of the sensitivity to drain water from the system and to the corrosive processes are not suitable for the centralized heating system. Installing batteries this variety is recommended only in private homes.

  • Bimetallic products — really “universal soldiers”. They have almost no vulnerabilities, due to a combination in design of steel and aluminum. They are more expensive than others, but this is fully compensated by the convenience, savings with their help and a long service life.

Choose the heater power

Советы по выбору радиатора отопления

For panel batteries it is listed on all product, for section — 1 section and the sum of their capacities. Per square meter of heated area suggest to take a minimum of 100 watts if the room is not angled and has a single window. When two exterior walls, and 2 Windows standard increases of up to 130 watts. Windows are facing North? Nice to add to the result of the 10% on top.

When installed in a deep niche part of the heat is lost, so 5 percent should be added, and if you’re going to close it with a decorative panel, the optimal increase of 15 %.

It is important to entrust the installation work to the masters with experience!
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Советы по выбору радиатора отопления

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