Современные дверные конструкции

Doors are a functional and aesthetic part of any room. The quality of the installation and material of construction, to influence safety.

Doors are a functional and aesthetic part of any room. The quality of the installation and material of construction, to influence safety. So to save on this product is not worth it.

Современные дверные конструкции

In modern construction the variety of the door leaf, which differ based on characteristics such as:

• material;
• design;
• the appointment;
• design;
• cost.

When choosing products, it is necessary to start from all these points, and pay attention to what the door system on their purpose.

Features of mechanisms

Modern progress in the field of building structures gave us many new products that can meet the high requirements of customers. The proposed deal, which still exist the door, what is the difference between them.

The mechanisms are of the following types:

  • Hinged. They are the most familiar and ubiquitous. Fasten the fabric loops on the wall. Hinged design opens to/, that should be considered in the development of the design project room. There are models that can move in two directions, which is important for public institutions than for residential premises.

  • Sliding. They are distinguished by their compactness. This fabric is moved on a guide rail (moving along the wall) due to the special rollers. In the case of cluster mechanisms in the door you can get into the partition.

  • Foldable. Such designs are of two types: owner and accordion. They are similar to each other, the only difference is the number and parameters of sections. Owner may be installed on the hinges. Consists mainly of 2 or 3 parts. In the accordion canvases are connected by hinges. The mechanism moves through rails and runners.

  • Rotary. They are fairly new models running on the rotary mechanism. Swivel design allows to save space in the room due to the rotational motion in the doorway.

  • Doors can vary in material. Often in apartments, houses or commercial premises installing translucent structures https://www.rehau.com/ru-ru/ff. They can serve as canvases for balconies or interoffice passes. For premises suitable door construction made of plastic, wood or MDF. But the entrance of the canvas should be particularly reliable, so they are made of durable metal.

    Features glass constructions

    The main material for production is a multi-layered laminated glass. This particular leaf tempered glass with high strength and durability. Even if it was given mechanical action, the material is destroyed, the small cutting pieces won’t be in place. Glass elements are kept thanks to the inner layer of soft plastic. In rare cases, a reinforced silt acrylic glass.

    To create elite glass door, use the methods float and fusing. The first involves adding to the alloy of certain minerals. Feature is the wide palette that allows you to choose a model to suit a particular interior. These glasses are rolled, bringing to the surface applied relief figures.

    Technology fusing to create expensive door. They consist of colored glass, which are assembled into the composition by hand (mosaic principle). Then the billet is sent to a special oven for baking.

    The main advantages of glass paintings

    A small darkened room in dire need of natural light. Therefore, the use of glass on the doors is a very common phenomenon.

    The advantages of this choice include:

    • high level of light transmission into the room;
    • stylish design, which can be quite varied;
    • excellent resistance to UV light.

    The only drawback is its weight. Large glass sheet with a thickness of 12-15 mm is able to weigh up to hundred lbs. So the designers used an intermediate support, a powerful rotary device, as well as reinforced hinges. The quality of these mechanisms depends on the reliability of the installation.