Secrets of care of a parquet Board

Секреты ухода за паркетной доской

Manufacturers of parquet boards are doing to their products to serve as long as possible, and her appearance did not lose the attractiveness. The wood is well dried and the working layer is covered with several layers of varnish or oil. That is, the first couple of years, all the maintenance will be to regular cleaning, dry or wet. Of course, much depends on the brand of the Board. For example, a parquet Board Tarkett has a guarantee for the safety lacquer of 30 years. The Swedish company is so confident in their Proteco lacquers that are not afraid to make promises like that.

Секреты ухода за паркетной доской

How to clean the floorboard?

General rules for cleaning is very simple. Wash the floor as usual, the main condition — very good pressing cloth, so it was not too wet. Despite the thick protective layer, a large amount of water can leave a mark on the floorboard. To clean the floor from dust and dirt, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle made of soft cloth, but the washing vacuum cleaner is necessary to forget.

How often you need to wash the floorboard? If there is no need to remove sand or dirt, do not abuse frequent cleaning of the wooden floor. But to leave on the day the mud is not worth it, because the small particles can play the role of abrasive and leave scratches on the veneer.

Important! Any spilled liquid should be wiped dry as soon as possible. Especially if it’s coffee, red wine, juice and other colored drinks.

Секреты ухода за паркетной доской

During a wet floor cleaning you can use detergent. But this should not be an ordinary soap or a universal liquid for all surfaces in the house. It is better to use special cleaning agent, which is available separately for lacquer and oil coatings. The remedy diluted in water, pour it on the floor impossible.

In addition to funds for regular cleaning, to the floorboard under the oil is useful to purchase a cleansing wax, and varnished parquet — polishes and cleaning sprays. Such means are very economical and can be diluted with water. Therefore it is not necessary for them to save: they will be repaid by long service floor made of wood.

7 useful tips on care of a parquet Board

  • Wash the floor parallel to the grain of the wood, not across it.
  • Do not place pots with plants on the floor, since because of them the surface will cause condensation.
  • Avoid the appearance of scratches on the floor from furniture, sharp heels, claws of animals. Furniture legs stick felt pads (you can cut them out of regular felt).
  • If the room is floorboard is a chair or a chair with wheels, buy a clear plastic Mat. Place under office chair used up in the first place! Mat would not be very noticeable and will retain the original appearance of the flooring.
  • Watch the humidity in the room. Wooden Board does not like too dry or humid air. The valid range is from 30 to 60% at a temperature of 20-240С.
  • Forget all the “old wives” recipes that teach erase the marks of the soles and stains from cosmetics, ink or turpentine, gasoline, acetone and other chemicals. So you not only not remove the stain, but also dissolve the protective coating around him. If the stain is fresh, it can be cleaned with water and detergent.
  • Moving furniture, place them under her Mat, so as not to scratch valuable layer of the Board.
  • Features of the care of floors with a lacquer finish

    Layers of varnish form on the surface of the floorboard with a protective film, so that moisture and dust to wood do not reach. Remove contamination with a glossy film of lacquer is not difficult, the main thing — to preserve its luster. You need to wash the floor with hot water and about every 2 months use a Polish.

    The nuances of caring for floorboard under oil

    The oil protects the wood in a different way: does not form a film but soaks into the pores of the Board, pushing out the moisture from the inside. Therefore, wooden Board under the oil more vulnerable to minor injuries. But this disadvantage is offset by the fact that this floor is easy local restoration. To do this, use butter or oil with wax of the same brand that was applied by the manufacturer. There is also a wax to disguise the damage, which is rubbed into the area of the floor with scratches or nicks.

    Don’t forget that taking care of a parquet Board begins with the creation of optimal conditions in the apartment. Watch out for humidity and temperature, often ventilate the room. This is useful not only for wood floor, but also for you and your family!

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