We lost him: Gosling is now thinking only about his wife and daughters

Мы потеряли его: Гослинг теперь думает только о жене и дочках

The actor is a frequent guest at the Cannes film festival. In 2014, he brought his directorial debut “How to catch a monster”. And this year is the painting “Goodfellas”, where he played with Russell Crowe. “I came back a different person,” says Gosling.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling have already awarded the title of “Best couple of the festival”, more accurate to say “Most fun couple”. Especially Comedy in Cannes is a rarity, so what “Goodfellas” did not go unnoticed. The main characters – private detective (Crowe) and the guard (Gosling) looking for a missing girl, but they have very different methods to solve a case quickly and easily.

“If you compare our couple with superheroes, I’m Batman, but Russell Robin,” joked Gosling.

“No, we Fetman (fat) and Rubin,” retorted Crowe.

My personal emotions Ryan shared is no joke.

— I finally feel that I have found balance, ” says the actor. — After became a father (Gosling daughter Esmeralda, who was born 12 September 2014, Amada, born 29 APR 2016. – Approx. Woman’s Day), every day life is getting better and better. All, what I strive for, is to return home in the evening. Fatherhood takes a lot of effort, but brings even more joy, especially as Eva (Mendes, actress, the mother of the girls. – Approx. Woman’s Day) – perfect mom.

The relations of the actors have lasted for five years, they starred together in the film “the place beyond the pines”, as well as Mendes starred in the Director debut of Gosling.

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