Bradley Cooper took his mother to a concert of beyoncé

Брэдли Купер сводил тещу на концерт Бейонсе

The Hollywood star came on the show beyoncé in the society bride Irina Shayk and her mother.

Whatever they say evil tongues, but the actor Bradley Cooper and Russian supermodel Irina Shayk the case moves to the wedding. They fled, not fought over mother of Cooper, but rather more closer – Bradley met and became friends with his future mother-in-law!

Recently, the actor along with the bride and her mother Olga Shaykhlislamova called for the Beyonce concert in Pasadena. Irina is known to be a fan of the singer and her miss world tour Formation simply could not. A beloved man, apparently, decided to make her happy and not only went to the concert with her, but asked her mother.

If Bradley knew as many jokes in our country about the mother-in-law, probably, would understand why Russian fans were so surprised their joint publication. The Hollywood hunk not just politely smiled at the mother of the bride, and he led her by the hand!

Or rather, Irina, Olga and Bradley were three of us, dergalis hands. The supermodel tried to cover his face and hide from prying paparazzi, who did not give them a pass, but it did not, the photographers still managed to capture the family idyll.

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Times celebrities have come out in the light of the whole family, so it’s likely that the rumors about the wedding are true, and soon ex-boyfriend Shayk Cristiano Ronaldo cry over shots of Irina in a white dress.

By the way, Irene and Bradley weren’t the only star guests at the concert of Beyonce. The show came and Mila kunis with her husband Ashton Kutcher, and the singer Pink, accompanied by her husband Carey HART and daughter willow sage.

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