Воробьев признался в интимной близости с участницами «Холостяка»

The actor said that throughout the project he remained himself and did what he wanted.”

Show “the Bachelor” with Alexey Vorobyov discussed so far. Maybe because for the first time in the history of the project the groom and no one was chosen!

And this despite the fact that the last series was very “hot”. Alex would be alone with the girls for the night and closed from the operators. Fans interested in the question as whether the artist’s intimacy with Alla Berger and Jana Anosov. The answer given by the sparrows. Was!

“I play only in the movies and on behalf of their heroes. Here I acted on his behalf, and the main condition for a lot of participation was complete freedom and the opportunity to be myself, and not to represent the project “romantic mi-mi-nichnogo the bachelor.” So in those moments when I was with the girls alone, was something that happens between a man and woman who stay together and have mutual passion. For a project at this point and with these girls it would have been exactly the same,” admitted Alex.

And though my heart is Alexis still free, he did not regret that he became a hero of the program. From the words of Vorobyova, he is once again convinced that true love cannot be built”.

“I know what the audience wanted to see a story with a happy ending, but believe me, I wanted her much more than the millions of people who 13 weeks watching my life. I’m just not one who throws words to the wind. I can’t to deceive anyone, especially yourself. Know that love is hard, but it does not mean that there is on this earth women who will love me the way I am with all my advantages and disadvantages. I just don’t want to love for two, in my life it was, and to anything good has not resulted” – said the artist.

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