Kendall Jenner is Dating rapper A$AP Rocky

Кендалл Дженнер встречается с рэпером A$AP Rocky

The representative of the star family Kardashian and famous musician noticed during their date in Paris.

20-year-old supermodel, who is now working in Paris for fashion Week, and 27-year-old Rakim Mayers, better known under the alias A$AP Rocky, went out to dinner at the restaurant L’avenue, where they were noticed by the fans. Photos of the star couple immediately appeared on Twitter.

And in the evening, Kendall and Rakim seen in a night club Cartel where they filmed dancing to a song of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Video with them dancing again quickly appeared on Twitter.

However, how close the relationship the supermodel and the rapper is anyone’s guess, because now Kendall sort of romantic relationship with the basketball club “Los Angeles Lakers” Jordan Clarkson – last week they were seen together in one of night clubs of Los Angeles. With the same Inscription half-sister Kim Kardashian was seen many times during various fashion events, but also dining and dancing in the club – for the first time.

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