Башаров впервые вышел в свет беременной подругой

Actor and TV presenter brought a date to the opening of the festival in 2016.

About the new novel Marata Basharova the media started talking in late March of this year. Then it became known that the actor began to meet with her fan, an employee of the Bank Savercool Elizabeth, whom he met on Facebook. Girl idol wrote the letter, he invited her on a date. So it all began…

Also some time ago the press published the news that a new friend Basharova expecting a baby. The pregnancy of Elizabeth was kept secret, but now, looking at her photo, we can assume that the baby will be born very soon.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth’s opening of the festival was the first outing, keep it well: smiling to the guests, happily posing for photographers and, of course, perfect look. While Marat Basharov did not depart from her, and, by the way, was also in good spirits.

For Marat Basharova, we will remind, the child of Elizabeth (by the way, the couple have a boy) will be the second. From his first marriage with Elizabeth Crocco he grows up 11-year-old daughter Amelie.

Two years ago Basharov hit all the front pages of gossip in connection with the beating of his second wife, actress Catherine ancharovoj, the niece of the actor Emmanuel Vitorgan. The scandal was resolved by the divorce of the couple.

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