Тайна свадьба: Пелагея вышла замуж за хоккеиста Ивана Телегина

The wedding took place in Kutuzovsky registry office, dinner in one of the Rublevsky restaurants.

The news came as a real surprise. Moreover, not only for fans, but also numerous friends and acquaintances of the star couple. 16 Jun singer Pelageya married hockey player Ivan Telegin. The ceremony took place in secret. Have raspisalas in Kutuzovsky registry office, noted in one of the restaurants on the ruble. Among the guests of the event attended by only the relatives and friends. Star persons – Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov.

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Increased secrecy, however, did not surprise anyone. This is about the orphans from the children’s “Voices,” the singer says with pleasure, and the theme of personal life – are banned for journalists. Not surprisingly, about the upcoming momentous event in the life of the star couple, fans and journalists have learnt not from the lovers.

Barely there were rumors about the wedding, the couple was in the center of the scandal. Pelageya even called the other woman, blaming her for the fact that the athlete has left the civil wife with a child. As a result, the singer was forced to give to give a public explanation of what is happening.

“The first and last time I will answer here, – says the review. — Vanya was not married. When they met on the Field, he was no longer in a relationship. All. I propose to finish.”

Recall the marriage with Ivan by Telegony became the second in the life of Pelagia, writes StarHit”. From 2010 to 2012 she was married to Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Efimovich. After a divorce a long time did not go in the company of men.

Ivan Telegin behind, too, have a marriage, however, civil. His first companion was a dancer, who he met in a nightclub. The couple have a son together.

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