Водонаева рассказала, как выставила жениха с чемоданом

The socialite admitted that on holiday in Barcelona between the lovers was in full swing with true passion. However, very short…

Longtime fans Alena Vodonaevoy remember the turbulent disposition of the stars since the days of “House-2”. Then pair them with the plan and Menshikov was in full swing the real Italian passion…

But now, it would seem that Alena is already a mother, business lady (a star has been producing their own clothes) and a popular blogger. The ardor should be diminished! An no, as admitted in the days of TV showgirl, she manages to quarrel and to break up with her fiancé Anton several times for vacation.

“Wherever we visited, we consistently “over forever”, and a couple of hours and someone will begin to collect the bags. I usually. I always leave forever. But here I can’t leave, the other degree of liability. I am the mother cat. Therefore, the suitcase is collected Anton. Already dismantled. Good night. PS by the Way, in Thailand, I broke all records by leaving with suitcases. To assemble and disassemble because of the month four times. I hope that someday it will end. I’m 34 and not 19!” – said Vodonaeva experiences with fans.

At the same time, it seems, a couple having a good time in one of the most beautiful cities of Spain – Barcelona. We walk a lot, see the sights, swim and eat various Goodies. And this vacation was special, because was truly a family. After all this time Alain went not only with the groom, then took another and son, Bogdan. And judging by the photos Anton really gets along well with his beloved son.

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