Доказано: вечная любовь существует

American scientists disproved the myth that feelings live three years, and then fade away.

How many times have you affectionately looked at grannies and dedulki, who walk holding hands? Thought: “the Times before there were other”. But, no! American scientists proved the existence of eternal love. No matter, we live in a poetic nineteenth century or in our XXI.

Curiously, to prove that you can love one person all your life was easy. Researchers are only invited hundreds of couples who have lived together for more than 20 years. And next to them put of young lovers who years together is not spent.

And what do you think? The emotions that people people experience when viewing photos its second half, was exactly the same.

Scientifically speaking, couples with more experience was active in the same areas of the brain that young people have only entered into a relationship.

The “experienced lovers” noted that it was important to show partner your trust, support and reliability. Other important criteria called friendship, family and good sex.

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