Tsyganov suggested Snigir married

Цыганов предложил Снигирь обвенчаться

Actors, which in March the child was born, going to seal their Union in the bonds of religious marriage.

March 9, Yuliya Snigir Yevgeny Tsyganov gave birth to a son, Theodore, who became the mother the firstborn and the father – the eighth child (he has seven grown up children from his relationship with actress Irina Leonova). Recently, the parents of the baptized baby. As soon as it became known to journalists, going to make another Church ceremony to get married.

“To the wedding personally, I’m good. I only! Well, Eugene is serious about Julia and their family. They are all wonderful, they are very suited to each other. Roma – nice guy, talented, and caring. Children he has a lot, but he does not throw, everyone helps,” he shared with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Julia’s grandfather Victor Sirikin.

Also grandfather of actress spoke about how Julia and Eugene raise a son:

“Fyodor for Julia and Eugene, the main in the family, a universal favorite. Mother Julia almost every day they happen, also cares about Fedenka. So the kid is not deprived of attention. Julia and Eugene are earning very well, they work a lot. But both after filming rush home to work out with my son. They raise the Fedenka on science. First, be sure mode. Food is also on science. I was against these artificial mixtures, said, give him normal milk. But they consult with specialists, they have a family doctor who advises. Prescribed Fede massage and even aerobics for babies to vestibular system work better and muscles are strengthened. Julia studied a lot of literature on care of the infant. Of course, I was tired at first much, but the slack itself is not allowed. Music baby classic include read a fairy tale”.

By the way, despite the workload, the actress did not hire a housekeeper.

“Julia herself through all of it. Her mother sometimes helps. Eugene shoots for their family two-bedroom apartment. Want their homes to purchase, but still hoarding. Julia is a wonderful hostess, Thrifty, hardworking. The husband comes home there is always a hot lunch or dinner. Pasta she’s good at it, soup. Think it’s favorite dishes Tsyganov. Though he is an artist, but in everyday life the ordinary man. Wants everything to be as it should be in the family: children – to many, wife to a hardworking and loving. I think all of them well,” says grandpa Snigir.

Meanwhile, Irina Leonova came out of the decree: returned to the stage of the Maly theater, and participates in recitals and engaged in tutoring. Household help senior: 11-year-old Polina and 10-year-old Nikita. Also they have a Tsyganov older 7-year-old Andrew, 6-year-old Sofia, 5-year-old Alexander, 2-year-old George and one-year-old Faith, which was born after separation of parents. By the way, the official marriage with the mother of his children Eugene and issued.