Bore or a false start? The media reported that Pelagia has become a mother

Родила или фальстарт? В СМИ сообщили, что Пелагея стала мамой

The star keeps silent, but her fans are not overlooked a single detail. Many believe that the singer has already had a baby.

Fans Pelageya waiting for when she finally announced the birth of their first child. Time passes and news is still there. Although, according to the calculations, the star was supposed to be mother and already a month ago.

Some netizens decided that the former mentor show “the Voice” for a long time had borne a child in secret from everyone. This is evidenced by the video a month ago where the artist actively rooting for the wife at a hockey game. Surprisingly, she was wearing a dress, emphasized waist, and no signs of pregnancy.

And later in the Internet appeared the video greetings of the program KVN with participation of Pelagia. The singer was removed so that the stomach was not visible. Then the question arises, they wanted to hide the pregnancy or the fact that the actress has given birth?

Informed Woman’s Day reported that in June Pelageya finished touring and started to prepare for motherhood. As the singer carefully guards his private life, details about pregnancy and her marriage to hockey player Ivan by Telegony very little is known.

This is about the orphans from the children’s “Voices” the performer says with pleasure, and the subject’s personal life is strictly prohibited. Not surprisingly, about the pregnancy itself, the fans and the journalists were not themselves lovers.

Recall the marriage with Ivan by Telegony became the second in the life of Pelagia. From 2010 to 2012 she was married to Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Efimovich. After a divorce a long time did not go in the company of men. So the wedding with Ivan was a surprise to many.

A celebration took place on June 16 and widely known about him was only a week later. According to the star standards, all has passed modestly. The lovers got married in Kutuzovsky registry office in Moscow, then made a small party at the Chester Ferry restaurant on the ruble, where invited only family and close friends.

A 24-year-old Ivan Telegin behind the same marriage, however, civil. And three-month old son mark. With the first wife, Eugenia, Telegin met in a nightclub. Striking brunette was a dancer and immediately caught the eyes of the young athlete. Soon the couple began to live together. Three years later, the girl gave Ivan his heir.