Travolta has attributed an affair with a transgender

Траволте приписали роман с трансгендером

Western media reported about a romantic connection with Caitlin Jenner, which until recently Paul was a man.

An exemplary family man John Travolta now and then gets into hard-hitting stories. Actor since 1991, he is married to actress Kelly Preston, but constantly becomes the hero of society columns as a traitor. This time the tabloids suspected Travolta in the novel with a transgender.

It all started with the fact that the British edition of the National Enquirer became aware of secret meetings between John and his stepfather, or rather, now, stepmother Kim Kardashian Caitlin Jenner (in 2015 at the age of 65 years decathlete, Olympic gold medalist William Bruce Jenner changed her name to kaitlyn and told the world about his transgender).

The insider told reporters that the couple is often seen. At first they were only United by a passion for aviation. Travolta is a licensed pilot, his house has its own mini-airport and some planes, and Jenner is crazy about all of this.

The actor is often invited Caitlin to fly together, and if you believe the rumors, the love of heaven grew into stars in a romantic feelings to each other.

Travolta and Jenner are in no hurry to comment on rumors, but fans assume that this time the smoke is not without fire. Many began to remember the story four years ago, when Travolta’s assistant said that her boss romance with pilot Doug Gotterba. She even showed a picture of Jon and Doug kiss!

Scandal managed to be suppressed, but in 2014 Doug himself told the National Enquirer that he met Travolta before his marriage to Kelly Preston and they met for six years! The man even said that he is now writing a book about their romance, but then disappeared…

In General, fans of Travolta, on the one hand, there are reasons to believe in a new novel of their idol, and every time such scandals around John as flash and disappear.

Maybe someone just wants to tarnish the exemplary family man Travolta?

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