Like idyll: Affleck on a walk with the family

Похоже на идиллию: Аффлек на прогулке с семьей

Judging by the fact that Ben almost shall not be separated from his family, he managed to redeem myself with wife Jennifer garner.

Looks like a family spat Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner is winding down. Paparazzi has once again caught a family of actors, in full force walking down the street.

Close friends of the couple not just telling that, despite all the vicissitudes, Ben and Jennifer are glad that they managed to get close after that terrible quarrel. Affleck sincerely regrets that stumbled by changing his wife with the nanny of their children.

We will remind, it became known in the summer of 2015. The story caused quite a stir, the cheating father of three children did not discuss only the lazy. Besides, every day in the press, there are more juicy details of his affair.

However, Jennifer managed to show wisdom and to give her husband a chance to redeem yourself.

“Ben realized what pain he caused his family, says a source close to the pair. He also realized that Jennifer had always been the strong back and remains so now. She’s one of the few people who likes him not for money or fame”.

I must say that before Ben Affleck rarely indulged family attention and time on set spent more than on child. But the situation has completely changed after his family was nearly destroyed.

Now the actor pays his wife and children as much as possible. Who knows, maybe this whole scandal only bonded relationship between Ben and Jennifer.

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