Transfer window in the interior: how and why

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем

The window in our submission — doorway that connects the house and the outside world outside its walls. And even the view from the standard flats offer not the most exciting, we often unconsciously cast a glance in the direction of a beautifully decorated window opening. Modify an external window of the apartment we as law-abiding citizens, alas, do not have the right, however, it can add functional and attractive internal window into the interior, for example, dispenser box between different rooms. Let us examine in more detail what it is, why can be useful in a modern house can be decorated.

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем
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What is a dispenser box and how it appeared?

The idea of a transfer window came to us from South America. In hot climates external Windows let in too much sun and heat, and therefore began to be erected an additional wall with openings inside to keep cool. In these Windows had no glass, only shutters, which enable to preserve the privacy of the rooms. Besides, people quickly noticed that through these openings it is convenient to talk, give you food and various things.

From South America the fashion for internal Windows “Latino” penetrated into Europe and North America, and later on in Russia. However, no associations with South American transfer Windows in our country was gone.

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем
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In domestic realities of the distributing Windows in the model homes were rare. Another thing, the premises of the catering! An opening in the wall of the school canteen certainly can remember each of us. This solution not only ergonomic, as it allows not to run once again into the kitchen, but also meets strict health standards, so is still widely found in restaurants, only coming to transfer window, not the client, and the waiter.

Accommodation options transfer Windows in the interior

In residential interiors from distributing Windows also many advantages, and it comes as a tiny and very spacious apartments. In Europe, this planning decision can be found everywhere, but which is only just beginning to come into Vogue. Consider the obvious advantages and usage options of distributing the Windows in a residential interior.

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем
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Between the kitchen and living room

Perfect for those who doubt: whether it is necessary to combine the kitchen with living room or not. You will be protected from odors and, if necessary, save the privacy of each of the premises, thus, obtain additional space, for example, if you set a wide tabletop or bar counter on both sides of the opening. For kitchens area of 6-8 m very practical solution that will visually make a tiny room more spacious and bright.

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем
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Reminder: according to the SNiP you can use dispenser box gasified even on a small kitchen, enough to install sliding glass door or shutters.

The advantage of such a solution will appreciate and young parents, because through the open window from the kitchen mom will be able to watch playing in the living room children, so that no one interfere with each other.

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем
Studio apartment with a serving window in Volgograd, design Archcore

In a country house opportunities for practical use of the transfer window even more, especially if we are talking about quite a hot climate or summer cottage. This window can combine the kitchen space and veranda, they are 10 times to run through the entire house, covering lunch on the terrace, or raising shashlik in a cool room with air conditioning.

In a room without Windows

In the process of redevelopment under the condition of limited area very often we are faced with unpleasant discoveries. For example, when trying to separate the sleeping area from the living room in the apartment, it may be that one of the premises does not have with Windows. Dispenser box and can come here for help, especially if you choose the sash of translucent glass or plastic, transmits light, but not “image”.

Раздаточное окно в интерьере: как и зачем
An internal window in the bedroom design Architecture Architecture

Also possible interesting option plan, if a serving window will combine office and bedroom, separated by a light barrier.

Disadvantages of transfer window

Of course, any solution also has negative sides that should be borne in mind.

Disadvantages of transfer window:

  • if you need space separates the main wall, to equip the dispenser box without special strengthening of a load-bearing wall and mandatory agreements will not succeed (in the ordinary partition window you can register the fact and without additional structural reinforcement);
  • the spread of noise to adjacent premises;
  • kitchen not everywhere is adjacent to the living room. To do the hand-out window from the kitchen to the bedroom or nursery is hardly appropriate.

Design Laurie Lieberman Architects

Thinking about renovation and redevelopment, consider how much of the original solutions, to create a functional interior that meets your request. The transfer window may well be one such solution.

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