Tips for growing fruit trees

Советы по выращиванию плодовых деревьев

Советы по выращиванию плодовых деревьев

Adults and children adore pears, peaches, cherries and other fruits. And what could be better than fruit grown in your own garden? If you want to grow fruit trees on your plot, check out with a number of simple tips that will significantly simplify the life of a novice gardener.

Советы по выращиванию плодовых деревьев

The growing and care of fruit trees

  • Choose fruit trees that can grow in your climate. Apples, pears and cherries feel fine even in the Northern regions, but for the successful cultivation, for example, peaches the climate must be sufficiently warm.
  • Fruit trees love full sunlight.
  • For some fruit trees need a pollinator. That is, selected trees of other varieties, which when cross-pollination provides significant increase in productivity. But most fruit trees are self-sufficient.
  • Used in early spring, seedlings of fruit trees with bare roots, but at the end of the season it is better to use seedlings previously planted in pots. The soil from the pot is removed along with the plant.
  • Dig the depression that twice exceeds the size of the diameter of the rhizome. It is desirable that the soil was well-drained. Place the seedling in the recess, fill it with water and let it soak in.
  • The seedling should be planted so that the soil reaches the same level as before its excavation. Fill the recess with soil, tamp it with your feet.
  • Around the barrel insert into the soil three peg and secure the plant upright straps. Due to this, the plant will take root better. The straps and pegs, it is desirable to use for two years.

Советы по выращиванию плодовых деревьев

Watering and fertilizing

  • In the first year fruit trees need to be watered once a week. If the weather is too hot, you can add some more.
  • Use an all-purpose fertilizer or fertilizer designed specifically for fruit trees. To make fertilizer is best in early spring.

Советы по выращиванию плодовых деревьев

The use of pesticides and control of diseases

  • Timely detection of symptoms of diseases and their prevention — the key to a healthy garden.
  • In late winter, spray trees with a solution of diesel oil, which can be purchased at specialty gardening stores. Due to such processing, you will be able to prevent the occurrence of pests. Soljarovoe oil kills the larvae and eggs of pests that can successfully overwinter on the plant.
  • Carefully inspect each plant throughout the spring. At revealing of signs of disease, immediately take measures to counter them.

Pruning fruit trees

  • Most beginning gardeners are afraid to grow their own tree pruning, considering this procedure an extremely complex and demanding. But it is not necessary to treat the crop, so seriously. The important thing in pruning is to form a normal crown and to remove unnecessary branches.
  • In late summer, after harvest, cut the branches sticking out, trying to give the crown the correct shape. Don’t forget to trim the crossed and damaged branches. This same procedure can be repeated at the end of winter.
  • In the spring, when start up the fruit, the plants need to be thinned. Fruits will be smaller, but they will bigger and healthier. And the branch will not break down from excessive weight.

If on your site there is no space for growing full-sized fruit trees, pay attention to their dwarf and columnar varieties.

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