New Internet service for the repair of an apartment

Новый Интернет-сервис для ремонта квартиры

Taplin the company introduced the beta version of the online service for the repair of an apartment, polnomasshtabnoy launch is planned for autumn 2016.

Новый Интернет-сервис для ремонта квартиры

Taplin is an online service for the repair of apartments and houses. The service is able maksimalno accurately calculate the cost of services on repair of apartments, as well as will help to find contractor, to issue and control the order in “one window”.

At the request of the founders, through the analysis of the prices of all the performers in the city, as well as the companies rating services will reduce the costs of repair up to 40%, and avoid nedobrosovestnyh performers.

At the moment, one of the main problem for consumers is finding the contractor for repair, as well as approval of the budget. This process is performed in manual mode ie you have to spend a lot of time on search companies, then in each to count the cost and to communicate with estimators. This is a complex process, which excludes the possibility of objective comparison of performers, it is impossible to calculate the estimate from 200 companies. Our team is engaged in the development of Internet services and software. We decided that can help with part issues and make repairs easier and more transparent for all market participants, managers of the partner network service Mardanov, panel.

Новый Интернет-сервис для ремонта квартиры

The advantages of the service

  • After registration, our specialist will perform professional measurement plan of your apartment for later inclusion in his system. Also this procedure can be done independently. This procedure is necessary for the most precise automatic calculation of the cost of repairs in resize all the performers in the city. Besides, if you do the repair, the measurement plan you will need in any case for the subsequent development of the design project.
  • Fill in the measurements in the system, you can start to search for needed services — all calculations will be performed for your apartment.
  • Plans

    The project is in beta version — only in Moscow, only “repair turnkey”, as well as the calculation of the cost base estimates (sq. m). In the near future it is planned to launch about five new categories, and expand the service functionality.

    At the moment, we are looking for partners in the field of repairs (the repairs completed, ceilings, doors, Windows, smart home and so on.) to connect them to our service.

    The website of the project:
    Email for partners: [email protected]

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