Вместе, но врозь: Хабенский с женой не выходят в свет вдвоем

At the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov was a company gathering.

16 years has flown by, ” began the loud applause of colleagues Oleg Pavlovich (that’s how much time Tabakov has been artistic Director of the theatre).

Oleg Pavlovich has told about high-profile premieres of the new season. One of the sensations of the musical based on the novel by Jane Austen Director Alexei Frandetti “Pride and prejudice”, in November on the small stage Konstantin Bogomolov will put the play by woody Allen “Central Park West” and later the same Director, but on the main stage, will present a fantasy to the texts of plays by Eugene Schwartz in the play “Drakon”, Evgeny Grishkovets will show their “Balance”. The plans of the theatre productions of the works of Maxim Gorky, “Old” harms.

In the hall on the front row sat the wife of the artistic Director Marina Zudina tanned after a holiday in Cyprus, and not far from her son Pavlo Tabakov with his girlfriend Maria Fomina, which has already been adopted in the state of the Moscow art theatre and plays in the play “the Anniversary of jeweler together with Oleg Pavlovich. Introducing young artist troupe, tobacco with a sly smile, he said that in this case, “slightly used family ties.

The cast was almost all the artists of the Moscow art theatre. Konstantin Khabensky appeared in the hall before his wife Olga Litvinova, who gave him in early June, a daughter Alexandra. To together not to get at the images of photographers, the couple sat in different parts of the hall. First Khabensky and left the room, then went to his car, firmly ignoring the requests of the photographers to stay for a few seconds, Litvinova also tried to be as unnoticed.

But Darya Moroz, Irina Miroshnichenko, Kristina Babushkina, Stas Doinikov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Filipp Yankovsky, Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya Irina Pegova happily posed for the cameras.

Colleagues have not seen each other and happily shared the news in the courtyard of the Moscow art theatre. Igor Vernik and Alex Kravchenko also spoke animatedly about something. Attention was drawn to their fashion style. Both actors were the shoes on his bare feet, which once again emphasized their cropped black pants.

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