Ведущую «Ревизорро» муж заподозрил в измене

Husband of Olga Romanov doesn’t know who takes pictures of her on the bed in the hotel room in which she, in theory, spend the night alone.

But the husband of Olga Romanov raised an acute question. Every day we see on the pages of stars of different pictures for beds, baths, basins and wonder who is really there their photographs. It’s one thing if it’s home b & b or hotel, in which the star spends holidays. Then it is clear – rents, most likely, spouse.

But if this tour? Or work trips, as the same Olga Romanov. Who then is responsible for such intimate photos? The assistants? Cleaners? Or lovers?

Such a question in a forehead asked the husband leading the program “Revizorro”.

“My husband saw these photos, suspiciously asked me how I, being, in theory, alone in the room, manage yourself to a picture in this perspective… — says Olga. And every time the same question. Go ahead and answer myself! More than 50 years, people fly in space. 34 operations for a sex change. 20 years cloned living organisms… And here I am, a genius in 2016 in a state to install a camera in the Android timer. Good night everyone”.

Oh, that’s embarrassing. Well, comrades of men, the answer is counted?