Андрей Аршавин впервые женился

The girlfriend of the famous footballer still managed to bring a loved one to the altar!

All morning stars of the Russian show-business nostalgia for the irrevocable school. And only Andrei Arshavin was not up to lovely memories. He played for your first wedding!

Yes! 1 September, a famous football player not the children were congratulated with the beginning of the school year, and received congratulations in connection with the marriage. Wife Arshavin was 34-year-old journalist from St. Petersburg Alice Kazmina.

The ceremony took place in the favorite stars of the wedding Palace in St. Petersburg. Same, where he married Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov, Sergey and Matilda Shnurova. Without much fanfare, and a crowd of journalists. Among the guests were only the closest friends and family, writes StarHit”.

About Roman Arshavin and Kazeminy became known two years ago, however, the Network rumor has it that the couple met about four years. And it is because of Alice and Andrew left the family.

Lovers their relationship not comment. Only once the journalist has agreed to talk to colleagues personal.

“I have 10 years of marriage behind them and two children. Do not like the publicity and attention. I’m pretty modest,” said Alice Kazmina.

Rumors that Andrew is about to marry, went when he left the baranouskaya. In 2013, during one of the training sessions on the hand a player considered a wedding ring. However, Andrew, as always, left all the questions of journalists regarding personal life without an answer (read more HERE).

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Together with his civil wife Yulia Baranovskaya Andrey Arshavin spent a total of nine years. In marriage they had three children.

Unfortunately, after breaking up with Julia the player about his old family forgot. Recently there was an information that Arshavin first met with the kids after 2.5 years! Alas, it turned out to be wrong.

“In the modern world has seen the appalling substitution of concepts. Men and women who leave their families to believe that they cease to be parents. This is a mistake. Divorce, unfortunately, sometimes inevitable, and the relationship between former spouses can be anything – shared c Woman’s Day , Yulia Baranovskaya. But after the breakup they remain mothers and fathers. Forever. Child it is important to know that he has parents. And this much is no need to write SMS, to call, to request photos, interested in life, to talk about their feelings. Then he, as an adult, don’t start giving away extra role in relations with the opposite sex. Will not be women’s injuries.

Unfortunately, Andrei Arshavin to the idea has not yet come. Although I’d really like. It’s impossible not to love their children, are not interested in them. The last time he had seen Arseny, Artem and Yana in January 2014! Since then, never even called. This behavior is peculiar to a child but not an adult. All these insults… Believe me, I have much more than him. But this should not affect the children. I wish he soon realized it was not a second childhood!”

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