The Winners Of “House-2. The island of love” to get married

Победители «Дома-2. Остров любви» поженятся

All week fans of the reality show in the Seychelles voted for your favorite couple. And, finally, became known the names of the winners. In the joy of a prize in 1 million roubles the participants decided to have the wedding!

Wedding at the “House-2” – business usual. Moreover, marriage has never been for participants PR stunt or a joke. On it and reality, that’s all there really… And now decided to get married the brightest, according to spectators, players on the program – Ivan Barzakov and Irina Pinchuk. They won the main prize of the project, ahead of Alexander Zadoinov and his girl Mexico!

“For 1 million we’ll have a wedding to play” – decided to Ivan Barzakov and he proposed to Irina Pinchuk live. He also shared with fans a funny video, in which thanked all those who voted for them a couple, and throws up banknotes.

Of course, some envious immediately accused of Barsukova’s sincerity, suspecting that he began to build a relationship with Irene and put it in the net romantic videos with her for the prize. But no. The young man warned his detractors that money, as such he doesn’t care about.

“I want to say that if you win the money I give to charity to an orphanage (the whole amount, its part), also after the project Ira returned to the clearing to continue to build their relationship,” wrote Barstow in Instagram.

By the way, that the prize of 1 million rubles is not the most important thing of life, once said friend Alexandra Zagaynova Mexico. In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day she confessed that she had feelings for her more than money. Read more HERE.

Video published barzikov_kosmetika (@barzikov_official) Oct 31 2016 at 2:59 PM PDT