The bridegroom pleads Vodonaevu to start from scratch

Жених умоляет Водонаеву начать все с нуля

But the media personality is considered weak and is not going to give this guy a second chance.

Alena called off the wedding a few weeks ago. Then announced that the groom had disappointed her and was a different person!

“I just realized and felt the limit, – says TV presenter. — I was wrong. What I’m tired of the stupidity, emptiness, and jealousy of my independence, I said. Even more amazing that I did not expect to pass this man some copper pipe. I was willing to put up with the endless checks of my phone, tantrums and meltdowns, squabbles, changes of mood and unwillingness to grow…”

But from the further comments have refused… they Say talking about it is hard. And she plunged into work, and then flew for a day or two in Barcelona to unwind. And when he returned, he decided to dot the i.

It turned out, the reasons for the breakup were many! But the main – work with me here. Anton, being the Director Vodonaevoy, often disrupted shooting and belonged to the duties carelessly… Yes, and the guy was very violent.

“I was afraid to work together, but it seemed to me that it would be better. Looking at other couples where the man is the Manager, Director and solves all the issues, I believed that we would get – admitted Allen And I believe in it still. And I wish that I have still occurred. But, unfortunately, Anton lost control of the car. It was not the best idea to put him behind the wheel of such a complicated design as I… I’ve been in show business and understand how to behave as Director a man with such a specific profession, like me. It should be clear, focused, sharp, quick thinking person who is not tupit, not late, not running off the set. We have Anton did not happen. I just became the Director, and his Director had to say, and how he needs to do.”

After, when passions subsided, Anton tried to return to his beloved and asked to start from scratch.

“Yes, he tried, but, as I said, chances don’t give a – continued Vodonaeva. — I may seem cruel, but for me to bring flowers and to cry is not a reason to go back to the man. This is again a bell that I did the right thing. Today I’m working, check WhatsApp messages, deleted all the correspondence, do not come to the page. Cut everything and went on.”

Son presenter Bogdan strongly tied to Anton. And started to ask my mom, where did he go. But Alena, knowing that the way back will not be decided and then put to the son the whole truth.

“Bogdan was a little upset, that’s fine. But, you know, there are so many articles by famous psychologists who say that you can’t live for the sake of children – continued telediva. — You need to live for yourself, then the children will feel comfortable. So I son not holding anything back, I can calmly explain to him if our lives something changes. Now she had disappeared Anton, and so it should be”.