Mikhail Terekhin found a replacement Borodina

Михаил Терехин нашел замену Бородиной

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” showed a romantic video with a mysterious stranger.

It seems that Mikhail Terekhin, known for its numerous and short-lived romances, found finally happiness in his personal life. On his page in the social network he posted a video with his new girlfriend.

Parting with Ksenia Borodina was given to Michael easy. He hoped to the last to preserve the relationship with the presenter. They had for several months then disperse, like ships at sea, it was again moored. However, the stormy sea of life’s problems and the tsunami of challenging young people sank their boat of love. Despite this, Terekhin did not lose hope for reunification. Even when Xenia was having difficulties with her husband Kurban Omarov and it smacked of divorce, Michael was the first, who suggested ex-lover to return to him. Borodin, the former proposal was not accepted, deciding to stay with her husband. Terekhin is all the time found comfort in the arms of lovely ladies using your good looks for casual relationships and short-term sex. But, apparently, the guy settled down. In his Instagram he showed a new girl, put a romantic video with her.

Sent vidosik romantic @# @irina.ox

Video posted by Mikhail Terin (@terekhinmisha) Oct 31 2016 at 2:30 PDT

Fans choice Michael approved. Most agreed that the boys look good together. The name of his lady Terekhin has been kept secret. We only know that her name is Irina, she is Boxing, and rides a motorcycle. And, judging by the happy smile of a young man, this relationship had seriously and for a long time.

Despite this, rumor has it that Terekhin wanted to go back to the project “Dom-2” and become one of the eligible bachelors on the “Island of love”. However, strongly it was opposed by Ksenia Borodina.