Свадьба не за горами: Телегин представил Пелагею родителям

Unexpected romance with Pelagia hockey player Ivan by Telegina turned them into one of the most talked about couples. And although their relationship became known only a month ago, relatives are already talking about the wedding.

As it turned out the heart of a mentor “Voices” for a long time is not free. Her new lover was CSKA forward Ivan Telegin. The couple spends all their time together… More than that, all the matches recently Pelageya watching from the balcony, reserved for the wives of hockey players.

And although their relationship lovers still do not comment on close guy claim that the wedding is not far off. And can, and will happen this summer.

Previous novels

For Pelagia, this marriage will be the second. With her first husband, Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Yefimovich, a singer he met when she was 11 years old.

The young singer was invited to participate in the KVN team of the University of Novosibirsk, which was hurting her husband. The next meeting happened when the singer was older! And became fatal.

When Pelageya was 24 years old, the couple got married. The 11-year age difference they then did not bother. However, the marriage was not long, two years later, the couple ran away…

A 24-year-old Ivan Telegin behind the same marriage, however, civil. And three-month old son mark. With the first wife, Eugenia, Telegin met, oddly enough, in a nightclub. Striking brunette was a dancer and immediately caught the eyes of the young athlete. Soon the couple began to live together. Three years later, the girl gave Ivan his heir. Only that kid didn’t hold Telegin in the family.

Friends and even coach Ivan’s choice approve. Relatives say that his marriage long before that was bursting at the seams. And I think that the athlete with the folk singer really have a lot in common.

“My job is to love her as much as I like my child” – confessed in an interview with Starhit mother of a hockey player.

Career growth

About the chosen one Pelageya Ivan Telegin is little known. He played six games for the youth national team of Russia and in 2016 the first was called under the banner of the main team of the country.

The guy was born in Novokuznetsk, and from an early age was interested in hockey. To the stadium it took a father, a supporter of local Novokuznetsk “metallurg”. When the boy grew up to stand up on skates, his father took him to children’s and youth sports school of this club. And Ivan quickly became a leader and a game took the team out as captain.

In spring 2009, Ivan Telegin, together with Novokuznetsk “metallurg” became the champion of the championship of Russia for 17 years, then decided to try himself abroad. The home club was not going to part with a promising player. Then Ivan on the accumulated money to buy back his contract and uthal in North America.

And spent two great season for the Junior team, the Saginaw Spirit. Brilliant game allowed the young man to get into the team of young stars.

And after promising the player liked the scout the American of club of NHL “Atlanta Trashers”. But the guy did not made a chance to prove himself, he ran in the League are of a lower class. And after Telegin got injured and missed several months of training.

The club decided that Telegin will not be restored, and took his place the other player. Telegin was so saddened by this news, he decided to return to Russia.

In 2014, Ivan joined CSKA Moscow. 2016, the year became successful for guy. He was first called up to the national team of Russia for participation in the Czech stage of the Euro tour.

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