Taylor swift had an affair with Tom Hiddleston

Тэйлор Свифт закрутила роман с Томом Хиддлстоном

Paparazzi caught kissing American singer and British actor two weeks after her breakup with Calvin Harris.

Strike while the iron’s young! Taylor does not lose time – a matter of days after the media reported about her breakup with a famous DJ (their affair lasted more than a year), and now, it seems, the singer once again plunged into the romantic maelstrom: the cover of the British tabloid the Sun graced the photo, which the 26-year-old swift kissing 35-year-old Hiddleston, sitting on the Atlantic ocean in Rhode island.

“They were very fond of each other – kiss and cuddle, despite the fact that there were lots of people, told The Sun one of the witnesses. They looked like a normal couple very much into each other people in love, oblivious to the world around us”.

Apparently, when the breakup of their relationship with Harris that DJ turned out to be more victim – last week in a press there were its photos, which he was quite sad and after photos of his ex-girlfriend with her new man, he immediately removed all mention of Taylor from your Instagram.

Taylor and Tom together for the first time were seen on the Met Gala ceremony, which took place in may this year – they enthusiastically chatted with each other, and then danced at the afterparty. Then one of the friends of the singer told the press that Taylor and Tom are just good friends. Apparently, the friendship grew into something more.

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