Корнелия Манго вышла замуж за музыканта на 8 лет моложе

Spouse of the singer became a beatboxer Bogdan Durdi.

The history of acquaintance of the newlyweds, is reminiscent of the parable. Two years ago, Cornelia Mango was in despair: she dreamed of a family, but could not find a soul mate. Then the singer began to visit the Church every day to pray to God to send her a good husband. And here on the set of “I can do it!” which was published on the channel “Russia 1”, Mango meets up with Bogdan.

“I immediately warned that the friendship between us can not be. I at that time one of the young men did not admit to himself – told Woman’s Day Cornelia. But Bogdan was not scared of my words, and he immediately replied, “I’m God-given. God gave“. Then I realized: this is my destiny. We are both believers. We know that God introduced us, he has connected us.”

It was rumored that the mother of Cornelia, as well, and relatives of a young man, was against this relationship. After all, the singer is older than the chosen one for 8 years. But over time, parents realized that the guys serious. They, like parrots, lovebirds, were everywhere together! Together went on tour and spent all free time together. And in August 2015 Bogdan Cornelia made an offer hands and hearts.

“Bogdan brought me to Yevpatoriya to meet with parents and friends, – says Mango. We walked a lot, traveled almost the entire coast. He then said that he wants to make an offer hands and hearts here, so every day I secretly waited for. However, the vacation ended, and Bogdan, it seems, did not think about the engagement. In one of the last days of our stay in the Crimea he took me to a beautiful place – Cape Tarhanku in the Bowl of Love, a natural swimming pool in the shape of a heart. While I enjoyed the views, Bogdan somewhere sailed. I was beginning to worry as he suddenly appeared right out of the water in the clothes and handed me a box in the shape of a shell. Inside lay a beautiful Golden ring with diamond. Bogdan knelt on the Bank and asked to God and parents to become his wife. Of course I said “Yes!”

This wedding the lovers are preparing for almost a year, carefully thinking through every detail. They even developed the design of engagement rings! They will show pictures of the meshes from the microphones, and fish (read more HERE).

“We all know that Cornelia is jazz! Therefore, our grid of microphones will vary: gazopostachannyu or retro-style my wife and I have to beatbox, – explained Bogdan. — A fish due to the fact that the sign of the zodiac I – Fish. Incidentally, my ring will stuff even the pattern of the Crimea Peninsula. Many people know that I come from there. But apart from that it is also the place where I made an offer hands and hearts of his beloved Cornelia”.

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June 8, almost a week before the wedding, Cornelia threw a noisy hen party in the Moscow club Wake People River Spot, where the singer quite often is wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Bridesmaids were dressed in t-shirts with humorous inscriptions from the series: “Give in good hands”, “the Mango is not a fruit, and a hot lady”, “And Bohdan lucky!” and so on. The whole evening the girls were dancing and singing, as evidenced by the numerous photographs in the blog of the bride.

And on the day of the celebration Cornelia tried in detail to report to the fans about everything happening in such a momentous day. The morning of the singer, according to Instagram”, began by making a fragrant bath.

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