Федор Бондарчук стал дедом в четвертый раз

His niece, actress Maria burljaeva, gave birth to a son.

Just a few days ago a famous film Director appeared in public with new lover – Paulina Andreeva. As here’s a news flash: an eligible bachelor turned into a grandpa!

May 29 in the maternity ward of the clinical hospital named after Botkin’s niece Fyodor Bondarchuk – actress of the Moscow theatre of a name of Mayakovsky burljaeva Maria gave birth to her second son.

“The birth was difficult. But the main thing that the child was born healthy, strong, – told the “StarHit” in the hospital. — His height is 59 cm and a weight of 3900 grams. The statement was only the closest relatives.”

Fyodor Bondarchuk among them was not. It is worth noting that with the birth of the first son of a Tribute to the famous Director congratulated his niece only by phone, and as a gift gave young parents the money.

While Mary and her husband in the upbringing of the kids help grandma Natalya Bondarchuk and great-grandmother – movie star Inna Makarova, but soon they plan to hire a nanny.

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But this is not the only grandchildren of Theodore. His son Sergei’s older two daughters – Margaret and Vera. Their education Director is actively involved. His daughter nanny often shares with her fans cute photos of the FSB, as the Director calls the daughter of his son, holding two babies.

Apparently, Fedor skillfully cope with young children. And it this skill can again be useful. He still and father can be. And more than once. His future wife, Paulina Andreeva’s only 27 years old.

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