Шесть девушек, которым Марат Сафин разбил сердце

Now Marat is Dating a soloist of the Vienna Opera Aida Garifullina. The editors of Woman’s Day he remembered all his previous conquests…

The star of world tennis has long been entrenched the glory of certieed. Young Marat Safin was a playboy guy, why not just suffered. Having survived a couple of tough breakups, the athlete changed tactics and started changing girls like a glove, without getting too attached for a long time.

Now the whole world discusses his new novel with the soloist of the Vienna Opera Aida Garifullina. The paparazzi recently caught them on a walk through Kazan. Marat gently embraced the girl’s shoulders, and in the hands of Aida sported a magnificent bouquet of flowers. Yes, the girl does not hide his sympathy for the player. According to the singer, they’ve been Dating for about a year. And maybe the case goes to the wedding.

But, probably, thought and previous passion Safina. The editors of Woman’s Day decided to recall all candidates for the heart of the 36-year-old athlete. And tried to understand why none of them married.


The first serious romantic relationship Marat originated in Spain. The girl’s name was Sylvia and she was two years older. Safin was not yet a famous athlete, on the contrary, even a little dependent on his lover – she drove and picked him up in his car with workouts and didn’t miss a single game.

“I was madly in love, just not even married, confessed in an interview Marie Claire Marat. We lived together for four years. Started Dating when I was eighteen year old kid, still do not represent themselves. I didn’t have anything, even cars. She gave me a ride, with training taken. Strongly supported, really helped me mentally. I then rented a room… Then came the money, we bought an apartment building. We are very much together, it’s a big part of my life. But in the end broke up. Different mentality, different people… She is Spanish. Besides, I no longer wanted to live in Spain, was torn to Moscow, home.”

Daria Zhukova

They met in 2004 in Paris. Marat has a crush on Dasha seriously and after a couple of months already imagined her as his bride. In January 2005, winning the Australian open, Safin has publicly said he owes his win to her friend Dasha. Muse tennis player at this time, happily waving at him from the stands.

Idyll guys broke Roman Abramovich. With him beetles were introduced in February 2005 at the party after the match “Barcelona” with “Chelsea”. Chelsea then won, and Abramovich decided that this is Dasha brought him good luck. And decided by all means to get such a beautiful source of good luck. By September 2006 there were rumours that Zhukov did have an affair with Abramovich and broke thereby the heart of Marat Safin.

“Nothing of the sort – he later denied the rumors of the tennis player. — We all ended much earlier. And while we were together three years, no one parallel is not met. We fought, parted again reconciled. It was quite rapidly. And then… gone somewhere, disappeared by itself. Suddenly it turned out that we have completely different interests, social circle. And I think we absolutely did the right thing, that was sold. She’s young, I, too, why spoil each other life?”

Elena Korikova

Consolation first Marat found in the arms of the singer Alena Selezneva. But it was only a passing infatuation. But the actress Elena Korikova managed to dislodge from the hearts and memory of Dasha Zhukova and some time to settle in thoughts of the handsome star.

They first appeared in public in may 2006 at the awards ceremony, Diamond Ladies. After that, the pair has made no secret of their close relationship. Tennis player infatuated with Elena, even gave her an engagement ring. But, alas, after a year and a half the lovers are parted. Friends of the couple say that the reason for their breakup was the constant jealousy of Marat.

Jessica Biel

After parting with Korikova Safin took an oath: no more Russian beauties. They are all, according to the tennis player, interested in only his wallet. Need a girl without material problems, I decided Marat, and turned her eyes on Hollywood.

The bridge between the two continents became known to SWAT Peter Listerman. In 2008, staff of the marriage office told me that Marat had his eye on Jessica Biel. And the athlete wasn’t interested in that it is at the moment for a year was in a relationship with Justin Timberlake. Yes, and Jessica was adventurous. Knowing that her dreams to meet the famous Russian athlete, she immediately agreed to a meeting. Organization date and Safina Gets engaged in secular procurer Peter Listerman. But how many times have you met Billy and Safin and whether they had an affair, is not known.

A failed affair with a Hollywood star once again forced Marat back to search bride in his native Russia. And then fate brought the tennis player with the soloist of group “Brilliant” Anastasia Osipova. They were introduced mutual friend in a Moscow cafe during the party. Following a chance meeting occurred in the New year. At that time, the singer lived with a young man in a civil marriage, but Safin did not see this as a big problem. And in September 2008, the Newspapers wrote about them as a couple.

“I like to think that I have found the one life, – admitted to journalists the singer. But about the wedding while thinking not in a hurry. I’m afraid the wedding. In the first place I have a career. And Marat is encouraged.

Before the wedding, it never came. After a year, the couple broke up. And again because of jealousy. Only this time tantrums rolled not Marat, and Osipova.

Valeria Yakubovskaya

This novel, little is known, although it is as a result of these relations Marat in 2005 appeared the first and so far only daughter Eva. Long time tennis player concealed this fact from the public, although alimony paid regularly.

Friends of Marat claimed that the athlete and the girl was rapid, but short novel, and the pregnant girlfriend he found out after breaking up with her.

“When Leroy told him that she was pregnant, they were not together, told reporters each athlete. — He took this baby was a big conflict. And even at first told her that the girl wasn’t his. But the money immediately began to help. Then they all admitted, but about to take some part in the upbringing, not talking.”

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