Певица МакSим намекнула на третью беременность

33-year-old actress was intrigued by friends and fans of the ambiguous comment in the microblog.

10 Jun singer Maksim celebrated his 33rd birthday, and has recently posted in Instagram pictures from the celebration. On one of the publication celebrity hug her friends and is behind the stomach. All would be nothing if to the post she didn’t write a cryptic comment: “Thank you for rejoice in the completion!”

Internet users immediately decided that Mack again expecting a child. Otherwise, why hold on to the belly and to rejoice in the completion?

And while journalists wrote articles about the third pregnancy of the actress, she hurried to make another statement…

“Well it’s my birthday, my parents replenishment”, – said Maksim in the social network, denying the rumors about his interesting position.

Which is a pity. We have already started to see the last footage of the singer to consider her figure…

The singer Maksim, as we already have two daughters: 7-year-old Alexander from his first marriage with sound engineer Aleksey Lugovoy and one-year-old Maria from the second marriage with businessman Anton Petrov.

By the way!

Yesterday TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak for the first time commented on his interesting position. She said in Instagram that she is outraged by the news that she allegedly wears a patch abdomen in order to make the show.

“Fresh of the press!!! What I love about yellow? Almost every word is true. Amazing article cites my quote, which never happened, evidence of my Pilates instructor, whom I don’t know, and reproach what I have done “show” premium “Dog”, coming with patch belly… what can I say? Parallel worlds! Life is everywhere! Well at least parallel lines do not intersect. Only eternity,” wrote Ksenia in his microblog. Read more HERE.

About the imminent addition to the family of Sobchak and Vitorgan became known on June 12, when the media personality visited the exhibition of léon Bakst in Moscow. Then everyone noticed the rounded belly of Xenia, which it was impossible to hide under clothing. Her pregnancy was confirmed and at other events: award “Top 50” journal “sobakawa” and MUZ-TV.

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