Anastasia Makeeva has called the date of divorce from her husband

Анастасия Макеева назвала дату развода с мужем

One of the most beautiful pairs of the Russian show-business decided to put an end to the relationship.

Divorce on July 8th in one of capital registry offices. This Anastasia announced to Woman’s Day through a press-service of the Opera “Eugene Onegin”, which performs the role of Tatiana Larina.

“Anastasia and Gleb do a divorce 8 July, the actress told us last night”, – has confirmed the representative of the press service of the musical Olga Peskova.

So, there is no way back. One of the most beautiful creative couples Russia nearly held on to the iron wedding. Recall that Anastasia and Gleb formalized their relationship on August 3, 2010 in the presence of nearly 300 guests, before that got married in the temple, Svyato-Danilov monastery. And now, nearly six years later, their family life is officially over. According to Woman’s Day, the divorce will be processed in the Registrar’s office of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow

Anastasia for divorce filed in the spring – in April of this year. A little earlier had announced to her husband about the breakup and went to Krasnodar to parents. To come home and watch Gleb packs, it was too hard for her test.

“I long went to this decision. But from the Matveychuk, who got married and were madly in love, there is nothing left” – Anastasia admitted in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

To apply to the courts for division of property wife did not. After all, to share them, in fact, nothing: the whole of married life Gleb and Nastya lived in the apartment that was donated to the actress’s father before the marriage. To lick their wounds Makeev went to the best resort in the world – the island of Tenerife.

“Ticket I bought before the break with glib – willingly shared with the press Makeyev. – We were planning a vacation together, but the coincidence of all the circumstances, Hleb refused to go, I went on holiday with a friend. Now starting a new life, a lot of plans for the future.”

That’s only close people can not be fooled. And the inner circle of the actress notes: she is in a depressed state. To raise self-esteem and mood makeevoy decided colleagues in the Opera “Eugene Onegin,” and made it the original way. Anastasia offered to find the love of your life… among spectators of a musical performance. And the actress has already announced casting suitors.

To get the favor of Makeeva, the potential chosen one need to the end of June to write a letter to Anastasia with love Declaration and send it to the email address: [email protected] The authors of the best letters will be invited to an appointment with Anastasia, which will take place on 9 and 10 July in St. Petersburg – in these days in St. Petersburg “Music hall” will be the Opera “Eugene Onegin”. A date will be able to get elected with a bouquet of one hundred red roses.

“Of course, rose, we will not be considered, trust to the eye. But it should be a huge, beautiful bouquet of roses. Not necessarily red, although this is the “dress code” for the bouquet determined Anastasia”, – said the producer Irina Afanasyeva.

According to her, Anastasia wants a serious relationship.

“She wants to remarry and give birth to a daughter,” says Afanasiev.

And it’s easy to believe, after all, married to Gleb children makeieva was not, and one of the reasons for the separation was the reluctance of Matveychuk to become a father.

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