Звезда сериала «ЧОП» отпраздновал годовщину свадьбы

The couple said family and romantic holiday in a narrow circle.

Actor Arthur Galchenko, aka Andrew from “chop”, is once again in the role of groom. Only this time there were no rings, toastmaster yeah feast.

After all, the wedding was Flaxseed. Arthur and his wife filareta Verba celebrated their fourth anniversary.

“We celebrated the anniversary of the Threesome, with her daughter. Went to have lunch by the river, and then drove daughter on the boat, it was her first trip on the Moscow river. Emotion was very much! We rarely do to each other surprises both love to plan everything in advance, so we decided to celebrate it so,” said Arthur.

“Gifts to each other did not give, this year somehow managed without them, in the bustle forgot to study,” said the wife. — In General, we rarely something to celebrate: we have a small curse, every time when we want to celebrate any holiday, Valentine’s Day and 8th of March, something happens. Arthur will order the table in the restaurant where the repair is, it is three hours looking for Parking, both without sentiment. Arthur even proposed to celebrate the holidays a day early to beat the system”.

The second season of the series starts on Monday, June 6, at the channel TNT.

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