Новый поворот: Эмбер Херд подала в суд на друга Деппа

Comedian Doug Stanhope has stood up for johnny Depp and got a lawsuit!

While johnny Depp with his band Hollywood Vampires touring through Europe and gives concerts, his five minutes ex-wife, actress amber heard, does not get out of the offices of his lawyers. Recently, the blonde star was seen near the office of a nationally-known specialist on women’s rights, Gloria Allred. Probably, the actress is going to hire this “shark” to sue not only the spouse, but also those who support it.

Yes, now amber is planning to sue not only with johnny. In the midst of a scandal, when Hurd stated that Depp hit her, each actor, comedian Doug Stanhope, dared to write a column in one of the American network media. In his essay the man said, as an actress, moving away from Depp, threatened that would do anything for the divorce, even to outright lies.

After reading Doug’s column, amber filed for him in court, accused of slander, and demanded financial compensation. However, there is reservation that the money won will go to Fund the protection of women from domestic violence.

Meanwhile, herself a benefactor of the amber, affected by violence, will become her husband johnny Depp. From him, as it became known last week, the actress requires a mansion, an expensive SUV and 50 thousand dollars in monthly child support.

Meanwhile, assistant Depp Stephen Deuters called fake unveiled last week the correspondence between him and amber, in which he confirms that johnny hit her. Steven said that he really corresponded with the heard, but not what kind of violence was never though, because johnny is not able to like. Also assistant to the actor said that all these reports heavily edited, they have no date, and he is ready to confirm his words under oath.

Gee! It’s frightening to imagine how things will develop…

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