The star of the series “Deffchonki” married

Звезда сериала «Деффчонки» вышла замуж

Today, may 17, at her 31st birthday Anastasia Denisova, known for the role of Katie in Palni “Devchonka”, were married with the operator Bogdan Oikoi.

The celebration was very modest. Young raspisalas in one of registry Offices of Moscow, then took a walk downtown and had lunch in a restaurant with relatives and close friends.

Before going to the Registrar, Anastasia has uploaded the video during training. “Well, I’m getting married” – she said its subscribers in microblog during hair styling at the beauty salon and added the tag #dnevstrovsky.

Video published AnastasiyaDenisovaFilm (@anastasiyadenisovafilm) 17 May 2016 at 4:27 PDT

On the eve of the wedding of the actress in her characteristic manner, recorded the video with my fiance, which required him to remember their meeting at the registry office and schedule the entire event. When Bogdan said everything about the day, Anastasia joked: “That’s all. Now he will remember our wedding date”.

Anastasia Denisova and Bogdan Osyka met in September 2014 in the film “Girl middle-aged” in Kazan. They immediately found a common language, and after working on a project a young man he moved to Moscow to be with his beloved.

First celebrity hid their relationship, but then began to appear together at social events and spread pictures in social networks.

They say that Bogdan won the heart of Anastasia, above all, that managed to find common language with her sons – 11-year-old George and 12-year-old Andrew. The last boy is a half-brother of the actress, she adopted him after the death of their common father and his mother.

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