10 percent of people use the phone during sex

10 процентов людей используют телефон во время секса

Studies have shown that technology has got to us in bed.

Imagine the situation: during passionate sexual intercourse at the peak of pleasure your partner stretches across the bed to the smartphone with the words: “Wait a second, I forgot to like the post of other about saving seals in Antarctica”. Odd, isn’t it? “But, no” – answer to this question American luminaries. They found that every tenth during sex is gadgets.

Scientists at the University of Virginia after a long research and experiments have proven that modern people are so obsessed with technology that they are ready to drag them into the Holy of holies – the love seat. The average citizen (believe that of America, but not the essence) spends two hours a day, staring at the screen of your tablet or phone. 95% of the 100 respondents actively use gadgets, and 70% in working hours. There were those who no-no look at the screen during execution of marital debt. Moreover, during the experiment, the respondents were deprived of gadgets, which they played out a nervous irritation, to communicate properly because they simply have forgotten how and phone they need as a guide to the world of people.

Well, the case. With the pace of progress, we propose to rename sluggish and passive lovers of “logs” in “Windows 98”. It’s funny, but actually anything good!

Do you use gadgets during sex?

  • No, I prefer in such moments to not be distracted by all sorts of stuff
  • A couple of times there. Answered a call from the chief…
  • Gadgets? Only if they are associated with bringing additional pleasure
  • It happens that much soul twist
  • Sex with my partner is so boring that during the proximity time not only to check mail, but all the cracks in the ceiling to count
  • Other (write in comments)

In the meantime…

Gadgets are capturing more and more of our time, but fortunately, the physiology to win until they fail as the desire to love and be loved. Here’s how to strengthen your relationship, experts know the University of Leeds.

Scientists after long research came to the conclusion that to save the marriage and keep a gentle relationship for many years to help blanket! And this is no joke. The researchers there are serious scientific justification! (read more HERE)

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