Душа пылает и горит: фото из нового календаря пожарных

Looking at these photos, and I want to throw a match on the floor and call the rescue service.

Muscular handsome men in helmets rush in a boat, extinguish the fire hose and posing, playing with all the biceps… it Seems not so hot he looked like David Beckham in the underwear.

Photographer Fred Godono managed to find such rescue that it seems the number of fires in France will rise sharply.

“For such an apartment is not a pity to burn”, “can I have that right?”, “Oh, I think I chose my husband the wrong profession” – as if gone mad Frenchwoman.

Yes, indeed, you can understand them. Hanging a calendar day or two over the stove, and the fire inside won’t be put out!

The guys in the calendar, by the way, most of them married.

“I knew that favorite shot for a calendar, but did not think that this will start all the fuss is about”, – told reporters the companion of one of the idols of millions of ladies.

As to the author of the idea, the goal he was quite different. If he wanted to melt women’s hearts, it is only in order to collect money. Because all proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go towards improving fire safety.

By the way, this is not the first such a calendar. Last year, girls around the world swooned over the Vatican clergy to forgive me, at the handsome prisoner. Eh, really don’t cherish!

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