Тимати привел на вечеринку бывшую и настоящую девушку

33-year-old rapper shocked the audience with appearance on the red carpet with two ladies – ex-girlfriend Alena and Anastasia present.

Yesterday in Moscow the ceremony of awarding the prize “Man of the year” by GQ magazine. Rapper Timati, as always, was the center of attention and gossip.

The singer arrived on the red carpet in the concert hall “Barvikha Luxury Village” on a luxury car, and was accompanied by his two girls – new girlfriend Anastasia Reshetova and the mother of his child Alena Shishkova.

We all know that Timur is very friendly with Alice’s, after a breakup they managed to keep real friendships, after all, their whole life tied up little Alice. Apparently, the current passion Yunus is not against the presence of the Cone on the other hand his men. Both girls looked happy and willingly communicated with each other.

Later the whole trio has published the General in his Instagram. Timothy signed a photo: “your favorite girls”. Members of the musician immediately began to carry out a comparative analysis of the blondes and brunettes. In the end, opinions are divided, someone decided that Alena is much more beautiful and nobler than her rival Anastasia and someone praised a new passion Timur, saying that the brunette, on the contrary, is much more effective.