У самой красивой девушки России роман с бывшим Лопыревой

On their pages in social networks the young people posted photos that raise questions.

A couple of days ago there were rumors that the first beauty of Russia Sofia nikitchuk an affair with a striker of our national team on football Fyodor Smolov. The reason for the conversation they planted themselves by posting on their pages on Instagram intriguing pictures. Fedor and Sofia was photographed on the street, the guy stands behind the girl and covers her face with her hands, which adorn distinctive tattoo. A couple of quick “declassified”.

Only fans of football and beauty began to be happy for them, Sophia has denied the rumors about the affair in an interview to one of editions.

— We met back in 2014 in Yekaterinburg, when he played in “Ural”. Sometimes met somewhere, talked as friends. I’ll ask how he’s doing, he asks how my and all. Not even called up. Met in Moscow companies – was sitting at the next table. Got to talking and started hanging out, seeing each other almost every day. In Moscow was found 3-4 times. And during one of the meetings took these pictures. All agreed that we’re Dating, it’s a relationship, a wedding soon, we’re a couple of years. It’s all nonsense. What we put up pictures doesn’t mean anything – he has pictures with other people, and I have. We have friendly relations. I can’t say what will happen next. I don’t know what it could become, but at the moment it is, ” quoted Sofia E1.ru.

It is curious that Fedor was married to another beauty Queen Victoria and Lopyreva, miss Russia – 2003, they announced the breakup in may of last year. Soon the footballer started Dating model Miranda Shelia, which has been dubbed the sister of Irina Shayk for the resemblance. The couple broke up recently after returning from the European Championships. And nikitchuk was having an affair with biathlete Andrei Naumov, with whom she split late last year. A couple of months ago, she caused a stir in the network, posting a picture in a wedding dress. However, it turned out that it was just a photo shoot. Now fans of beauty looking forward to the new pictures.

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