The Kostyushkin has shown all over the Internet Striptease

Костюшкин показал всему интернету стриптиз

Singer made quite a candid video in the bath and sent him Lera Kudryavtseva instead of a postcard.

Today since the morning stars of show business in various ways congratulate Lera Kudryavtsev 45th anniversary – who of vintage photographs published who writes a touching speech, but Stas Kostyushkin decided to go one better and arranged for his girlfriend real Striptease!

“Dear Valerie, we congratulate you happy birthday, – tells Stas on video brutal voice. — Today, there is a lot of lame-men’s congratulations. Normal, fancy, present, congratulation, only one. And this is now. And this is for you!”

Then Steven and his friend begin to undress slowly under the well-known hit ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On”, although “to undress” – it says loudly, muscle guys initially just two bath sheets. This short film ends with the fact that the Kostyushkin takes off his sheet and throws it at the camera.

After seeing can not help ask whether there is friendship between men and women… And then arises a lot of questions to Igor Makarov wife of the singer and Julia Kostyushkin: they where watching?

Actually that joke with a Striptease a backstory. Two years ago at the “New wave” in Jurmala Lera Kudryavtseva spent an evening in the company of Ani Semenovich. The girls wanted to “caviar, champagne and sex,” and they “caused” his friend Stas Kostushkin. Then, the network appeared the first video, which the ex-soloist of group “Tea for two” dancing a Striptease. Very well, it is worth noting! The singer is pumped up body that even Tarzan would envy.

And good that Kostyushkina in addition to pack abs, there is also a sense of humor. What is it a continuation of their two-year history shot: new strip now has only one Lera Kudryavtseva. In honor of her anniversary. I hope that such a prank Igor Makarov forgive two old friends – Kudryavtseva and Kostyushkin.

Lera Kudryavtseva ( this is for those who do not understand) @leratv – each with DNM Birthday !!!!!!!!

Video posted by Stas Kostyushkin (@stas_kostyushkin_official) May 19 2016 at 3:31 PDT

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