A pregnant plus-size model made a “naked” selfie

Беременная плюс-сайз модель сделала «голое» селфи

Tess Holliday, 155-pound “model body”, has posted on Instagram in the Nude.

This is not the first time when Tess appears in front of their subscribers in the social network completely naked. However, the first – when she does this, being hard pregnant.

This time Tess decided to be naked, to answer his many haters who leave unfriendly comments to her photos, claiming that “if she gets pregnant, it will not be noticeable. At least that’s what Tess assertion easily refuted – her pregnancy is more than noticeable. “I will continue to live without apologizing, and kowtowing,” promised the 30-year-old model in the caption to the picture. – I will thrive in my body, laughing at the ignorance of those who are attacking me”.

About prosperity it is far from the truth – models plus-size bed recently began to enjoy increased popularity, Tess often involved in advertising campaigns of famous brands.

Tess already has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship, but for her current fiancé nick’s newborn will be born first.

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