Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично

You heard right: in the modern world everyone can not just sit in a leather armchair or lying on a leather couch, but walking on the leather floor. While enjoying the beauty and warmth of the material and not fearing that all this splendor would come in a week in absolute disrepair. We will understand how this is possible!

Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично
Leather floors Granorte Corium Lombardia antico

Leather floor — alloy advantages of hard and soft types of flooring. From the first they got the ease of care and hypoallergenic, and the second security and a pleasant tactile sensation. This floor excellent environmental and acoustic properties: the skin is gently dampens sound and your steps will not knock the as when walking on laminate.

Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично
Leather floors Corkstyle Waran Beige (Beige lizard)

Board designer: no less than appearance, price and reliability when choosing materials it is important to consider their tactile properties. You should be pleased to get in touch with them day by day, and leather floors are warm and pleasant to the touch.

How reliable is leather floors?

Despite the fact that leather floors have appeared on the market relatively recently, they still can be considered interior design exotic. And the reason that it is not the cost, not their performance characteristics, and stereotypes: too flashy and unreliable, they seem at first glance. In fact, the price of a leather floor is comparable to the flooring, and wear resistance this coating could compete with the laminate and suitable for areas with high traffic: the shops and offices, steadfastly withstanding outdoor shoes and women’s heels.

Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично
Leather floors Granorte Corium Veneto borgogna in a classical setting

The lower layer of the leather floor is usually a tube that provides extra comfort and reliability, the top layer of pressed skin. Stacked leather floors as glue-down, and the castle, as the usual laminate. The castle floors leather bottom adds a solid layer of HDF, which sliced the lock profile.

The advice of the designer: the leather flooring is a great option for those who dream about the status of the interior and appreciates luxury without unnecessary pathos and brilliance. A great option for your interior with this male character, bedroom or office.

Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично
Leather floors Corkstyle Boa Silver (Silver boa)

Whether they are made of genuine leather?

Indeed, for the manufacture of flooring uses real leather. Some brands take the whole skin, however, it is not only expensive, but not too practical. Floors made of whole leather not very durable, so this technology is usually made exclusive wall panels that are subjected to serious trials of strength.

Most often, leather floors are a tile made of compressed leather. This fine milled remains of the skin compacted into a single mass: furniture upholstery, leather bags and jackets are very often manufactured by the same method. Then the skin gives the desired texture of crocodile to lizard, and covered with a special varnish.

Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично
Leather floors Corkstyle Alligator Gold

In any styles of interior leather floors will look best?

The variety of colors and textures of leather floors is large enough to not limit your design imagination: available as natural color and bright-painted options.

Полы из кожи — практично и экзотично
Leather floors Granorte Corium Umbria nero

From Executive art Deco to brutal industrial loft, from understated classics to modern minimalism — leather floors are easy to fit in almost any decor except perhaps a deliberately simple and understated style in the spirit of Scandinavian design.

Leather floors Granorte Corium Calabria cacao