Аэропорты Москвы выбирают качество Алюминстрой

Construction of new terminals in the airports of Moscow

All airports of our capital is large-scale construction of new terminals. Moscow develops, grows and airports no longer cope with the increasing flow of visitors, and the upcoming football world Cup 2018 will significantly increase passenger numbers from different countries.

I do not want to lose face in the dirt in front of foreign guests, because Moscow is the face of our capital, and the first thing that guests will see is the airport. Therefore, for the construction of new terminals was invited to the best designers and specialists, and when you finish using the most modern materials.

Аэропорты Москвы выбирают качество Алюминстрой

Chose the best, so we can proudly say that our firm has put a bit of effort for the formation of the modern image of our capital. For internal and external decoration of new terminals were selected aluminum composite panel Alyuminstroy.


One of Russia’s largest facilities in the air transport industry is the construction of a new terminal T2 at Domodedovo. It is no secret that this airport has been working on its limits and the new terminal should considerably ease traffic.

The new terminal T2 is connected with the first terminal, thereby creating a single huge complex air hub in the South of the capital. After the commissioning of the object, the Domodedovo airport will be able to serve about 45 million passengers a year, and at the end of the work area of the air terminal will increase 2 times and will amount to about 500 thousand m2.

Interior design and facades of the terminal is made of alumotantite our company. The decoration of halls, passages, lobbies — are the products produced in Russia using Russian technology and Russian money.


In the Northern part of Sheremetyevo over a large construction project — April 25, commissioned a new terminal “B” (the official opening is scheduled for June 7), the underground passage between the terminals, which will connect the southern and Northern zone, which should reduce the transfer time between 4-6 times. The estimated capacity of the new terminal will amount to 20 million passengers per year.

For architectural planning and interior design was invited by the architects of British Bureau RMJM. The scale of design and decoration work is measured by the area of the public area at 55.9 thousand sq. m. the Inspiration of the authors of the project drew in the works of Russian artists-constructivists. The architectural concept was to reflect “tradition, power, and progress that characterize modern Russia.”

As in Domodedovo, at facing of walls, columns and ceilings were used aluminum composite panel Alyuminstroy. New colors will sparkle the surface of mirror, glossy, frosted gold, deep black and bright orange on the facade.

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