Облицовочный камень: природный и искусственный

At all times, the decoration of the facade was not just an important task from a practical point of view to create insulation, protection from wind, moisture, temperature extremes, but also allowed to achieve an attractive appearance of buildings. That’s why architects always look for suitable materials that are able to implement these two functions, practical and aesthetic. In this respect, stone is the most suitable for the cladding facades, because of its excellent performance characteristics — strength, long service life, ability to withstand significant changes in temperature, resistance to moisture make it an excellent choice for tiling.

Облицовочный камень: природный и искусственный

There are two main types of material — natural and artificial stone (https://kr-professional.ru/iskusstvennyj-kamen/). Natural rock — granite, limestone, Sandstone, marble, have a great appearance, but their processing is quite complicated, and the cost could put a serious “impact” on the budget. It is therefore becoming more and more popular artificial stone, which is much more affordable, but it completely mimics the texture of rocks, has the same excellent features as natural.

Decorative stone facade

Artificial stone is a versatile material that has been successfully used to perform a veneer of private country houses, shopping centers, office buildings. The diversity of collections and colors allows you to choose the most appropriate texture and shade of material, and affordable price does not create a “hole” in the budget.

Облицовочный камень: природный и искусственный

The main advantages of decorative stone:

• Long service life. The material is based on cement, and therefore has high strength, is resistant to mechanical impact, “not afraid” of rain, frost and wind. According to conservative estimates, veneer, faux stone will last 20-25 years, even in difficult climatic conditions.

• A wide range of collections. Modern production allows you to create virtually any texture with a rich bright color.

• Best price. The production is straightforward, does not require expensive equipment, so the finished products are quite affordable price, which is much cheaper than natural rocks and most other finishing materials.

• Excellent protective properties. Stone is not a combustible material, so the lining will be protected from fire. It also has excellent insulating properties, which is always important in the Russian climate.

• Ease of installation. Unlike most other materials applied to walls or fixing by means of adhesive compositions require careful preparation, foundations, grounding, strengthening, training guides, decorative stone simply to fix on the wall using a special adhesive. This kind of work, even for people without the skills to perform finishing works.

Облицовочный камень: природный и искусственный

Collection of decorative stone

An important feature of artificial stone — a wide range of different collections with a variety of texture, color solutions. There are options with imitation of brickwork (https://kr-professional.ru/iskusstvennyj-kamen/filtr/forms_dekorativnyj-kirpich/), natural rocks, with the effect of antiquity. Some collections have a relief texture, while others were more flat, others almost smooth.

Collections such as “Russian manor”, “Old brick”, “Dolomite wall, Hanseatic brick” simulating masonry, often chosen for the cladding of private cottages. This texture is in perfect harmony with nature, wooden, metal materials used in construction. The imitation of brickwork looks good, and the effect of antiquity, which has a charm of its own to create a sense that the building walls for decades.

Облицовочный камень: природный и искусственный

More stringent “Taurian travertine”, “Rhenish brick”, “Slate hill”, “Victorian brick” is used in the cladding of office buildings, shopping centers. With their help, succeed in giving a sense of monumentality to the walls, in imitation of the dense virtually seamless brickwork looks durable and reliable.

A number of other collections — the “rock grotto”, “Linear terrain”, “Mountain Chalet”, “Grotto fine”, “Rocky mount,” they all have the original invoice, simulating the chaotic clutches of various sized flat stones that allows you to create a unique look for almost any building. With their help doing the finish not only private houses but also of buildings where the veneer needs to attract attention: restaurants, cafes, hotels.

Collections such as “Booth”, “Alpine village”, “Rough skol”, “Valley Terra”, “Ancient stratum”, — look as if nature herself had worked on their creation. A chaotic combination of different sizes and colors of boulders helps to implement the project in the style of “Ethno”, where it is important to as possible resembled the natural.

Decorative stone from KR-Professional

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