Первый «беременный мужчина» вновь женился

The world’s first pregnant man is considered to be Thomas Beatie. However, everything is not so simple. American born girl, but in 2002 changed the floor.

Tracy Lagondino – so called girl – didn’t feel organic in the women’s field, so I decided to go for a sex change operation and become Thomas Beatie. However, female sexual organs, he decided to leave to preserve the ability to have children in the future. Legally he is considered a man.

Thomas Beatie has three children from his first marriage to Nancy Gillespie. All three children endured, and Thomas became the father himself. However, not without the help of technology of artificial insemination.

The first marriage of a transsexual has gone on long enough and ended in a difficult divorce that lasted for four years. But now all behind, and 42-year-old Thomas married new sweetheart – a 46-year-old amber Nichols. She is Director of the school, where children Biti.

The ceremony was appointed almost immediately after Thomas was settled all the legal aspects in a divorce with his ex-wife and to agree on joint child custody. Attended the wedding and transsexual children: daughter Susan and two sons, Austin and Jensen.

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