Шаляпин готов взять на воспитание сына Калашниковой

The artist commented on the statement of his former bride in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”.

Recently, the model and aspiring singer Anna Kalashnikov in a live talk show admitted who actually is the father of her son Daniel. According to the young women, to Prokhor Chaliapin she met with some businessman. But about the pregnancy found out when I started the relationship with Chaliapin. Then Anna openly told the musician that his paternity is 50%. While Prokhorov promised that in any case will not leave her and ready to accept her child. But did not keep his promise. After learning that a DNA test shows negative result, Chaliapin is gone from sweetheart and called off the wedding.

The journalists managed to get through to Chaliapin and find out his point of view on this matter. It is, as you can guess, was quite different.

First of all, Prokhorov has accused Anna Kalashnikov in a lie, saying that any promises about the baby she never gave. The artist also said that his old flame has excellent acting skills and trying to appear at his expense.

“I was stunned to see, as this lady most likely playing to his audience, so skillfully sobbing on the air. And the amazing thing is that many gullible girls believe this prudent performance, ” said Chaliapin website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — But I’m not going to persuade anyone. I just want to be left alone, ceased to PR on my behalf”.

In proof of his words Chaliapin showed the editor a scan of the correspondence with the Kalashnikova, in which she asks that together they invented a script of their relationship for the audience.

Could not a musician to ignore and Hannah’s son Daniel. Prokhorov said that he was in this story, very sorry for the kid, if need be, ready to take it on education.

“If Daniel no one to deal with, I’m willing to keep it and to adopt, because I have been dreaming about the children, about the quiet family, about a loving wife, without any press, gear, and photography,” said Chaliapin.

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