Наргиз Закирова разводится после 20 лет брака

The culprit – the financial differences faced by the couple.

They say there is a habit to get married. At Nargiz Zakirova, it seems the opposite is true – there is a habit to get a divorce. She was married six times (two of them officially) and now is divorcing the sixth of them – Italian singer Filipp, Balzano after 20 years of marriage. The singer filed divorce papers in new York, where the couple once upon a time registered the marriage.

“I made the decision to divorce through the courts, because peaceful options Phil isn’t satisfied. In the last year, our family life was like hell. My ex-husband went on to blackmail and threats. It requires me about 40 thousand dollars for the divorce. I am very grateful to the lawyers Maxim Fadeev, who help me with the process of divorce,” – said Nargiz “StarHit”.

But Nargis herself has admitted that Philip was the best of husbands, that only with him she found out what real happiness is.

“In 18 years when she got married the first time, I was sure it was forever, said Nargis in an interview with Woman’s Day. But when the husband, known in Tashkent rocker Ruslan Sharipov, cheated on me, not forgiven. Despite the fact that we have a grown daughter Sabina. The Union with the second husband did not pass the test of distance. I’m pregnant, went to USA, he stayed in Tashkent. In a roundabout way found out that her husband almost a harem. Immediately filed for divorce. Soon there was a misfortune, Ernur died in a car accident. His driver fell asleep at the wheel. And only with her third husband, musician Phil, I felt such a peace and I need reliability. And I fall in love with Phil at first sight. And after finding happiness in his personal life came to me the success in my career.”

It Bolzano insisted that Nargis went to Moscow and tried his hand in the project “the Voice”, which brought her fame. And now two people who once understood each other perfectly, can’t even agree on the little things. Contestant on “the Voice” claims that Philip’s money was more important to family happiness.

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