Объявление о продаже свадебного платья взорвало интернет

And raised his price on the auction 100 times!

On the Internet only talk about poor Samantha Rigg and her wedding dress that did not bring her happiness…

28-year-old resident of Chesterfield put up for sale on Internet auction site ebay your wedding outfit two weeks ago, but interest in it at anybody has not caused. Then she decided to tell his story in the hope that she had someone moved. But this effect is hardly expected.

First, Samantha said that she desperately needed the money to pay for the divorce that left her ex-husband. Secondly, the separation with her husband was painful: he cheated on her. In the product description of Rigg not holding back emotions, assessing his condition “as requiring dry cleaning because of the stench of betrayal”. Also, she apologized for the fact that it locates only two pictures of the dress, because when she discovered that her husband lives with another, removed and burned all what was his “ugly mug”.

“If you want a dress full of bad memories and broken hopes and dreams, this offer is just for you! I hope this dress will bring you much more happiness than me. If not, you can always sell it here,” concluded Samantha.

What do you think? From wanting to buy a “sad” dress now there is no release! Its price rose from the initial £ 500 to 65000! The initial cost of the outfit for which it was purchased the year before, by the way, was only 2000.

And the girl herself is now a star of the Internet. According to her, she could not count messages from strangers wishing her to end up in the best way. And in two of them she even made an offer! However, Regg they are still unlikely to accept: she has a new boyfriend.

We can only guess whether to risk the new owner of dress to wear for the wedding: superstitious people would consider it a bad omen. On the other hand, if history will repeat, it is terrible to imagine how can take off the price of this outfit.

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