Невеста Аршавина выходила за него замуж беременной: фото

Alice Kazmina has not tried to hide its position and chose a dress that emphasized her changed figure.

The wedding itself Arshavin was a surprise: the player with the mother of his three children Julia Baranovskaya lived without a stamp in the passport for 9 years and all the questions answered, that’s not what’s important. And then suddenly went away. But the second “bomb” was to come: when there was a wedding photo, it became obvious that Alice Kazmina expecting a baby. And the term is quite impressive.

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The wedding took place on 1 September in St. Petersburg, before that 4 years Alice and Andrew were together. She has two children from his first marriage, with whom, according to friends of the pair, Arshavin is very good. Now they have decided on their child.

Thinking that Alice was smarter than Yulia Baranovskaya, give birth to the baby she wanted in the marriage. But I want to believe that this is not a judgment, and feelings. At least the journalist who has long refrained from any comments, suddenly began to share emotions.

“A chance meeting, one day, one moment, one game … Now I’m a happy wife, waiting for baby ! Thanks Andrey Arshavin you changed my life and I am very happy!” – a few days after the wedding he wrote Alice in social networks. And shared photos from the happy event.

In fact, you can’t call a wedding a mystery – play in their social networks have already changed the status and said that he is married. Alice told about the pregnancy and shared that he was very happy. Couple photo comments touching each other, leaving the pictures of hearts, kisses and declarations of love. We could only be happy for such a wonderful relationship if we hadn’t watched ugly story of the breakup of a football player with the first family.

According to Baranovskaya, Andrew with her and the kids behaved, to put it mildly, ugly: I left them in London with no home and money, and when Julia tried to build a life, put a spoke in the wheel. And not communicating with children, as if he didn’t have any family. But remember, all this is known from the new book Baranovskaya. His version of the events the player is not voiced, and in the words of the former civil wife does not react.

But, it seems, in relations with the wife of his complete harmony.

“Alice they affectionately called each other “my love”. She learned to cook his favorite dishes. He especially likes her pancakes and baked meat, – quotes the words of friends heavy website StarHit.ru. — Andrew gets on well with children of Alice. The boy has already been taught to play football, gave him the ball. The kids call him by his name”.