Кейт Мосс и праправнук Бисмарка поженятся в Греции

42-year-old model and 29-year-old great-grandson of the Chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck preparing for a modest ceremony.

Most likely, the celebration will be held on the island of Hydra in Greece, where Kate and Nicholas recently rested. The exact date of celebration is not yet reported, but, according to some information, it will take place this year.

“Kate moss and her boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck want to get married before Christmas” – the newspaper writes Daily Mail.

Earlier, Western media reported that Nicholas made Kate an offer hands and hearts in the Ristorante da Ivo in Venice where in due time George Clooney was having a stag party before the wedding with Amal Alamuddin.

According to eyewitnesses, love got down on one knee and with the words “Ti AMO” (I love you) handed supermodels ring. Kate, of course, could not say no, despite a significant age difference.

For moss marriage with the great-grandson of the Chancellor of the German Empire will be the second. In 2011, she married musician Jamie Hinsa, but in the spring of this year came the news that they no longer live together.

Civil marriage publisher Jefferson Hack Kate daughter Lila. Now the girl is 14 years old.


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